Why Countryside? Why Village?

REG_EFFEKTIf you prioritise mental & physical wellbeing, the health of our ecosystem and time with loved ones, I would strongly consider moving to the countryside.

Because it seems to be that it is on the countryside that we can engage in a more grounded & healthy life, without billions on our bank account.


Yes you can work really hard, sell your soul and save money to one day become a master consumer who never needs to work a second more of your life…

Then you can drive around on your electric scooter, buy all the superfoods you want, gym memberships, be part of exclusive groups and so on and so forth.

But if that option does not feel like you… you can always move to the countryside, grow & forage your own superfood, use your body naturally and live a life true to yourself.

And if you happen to become a bored billionaire. Just know that natural engagement is waiting for you to engage. 🙂


With love, 
Daniel Galovan 

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