Plantágo major

Important note:

This post is for inspiration purposes only. Foraging for wild edibles is a personal choice that the individual takes at their own risk. Please use a reasonable measure of knowledge and common sense so that foraging shall be an enjoyable experience for all who choose to do so.

Always seek the advice of a health professional before touching or eating any unknown plant matter, especially if you have a history of allergies. Information provided is not designed to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any illness, or injury. Always consult a health care professional or medical doctor when suffering from any health ailment, disease, illness, or injury, or before attempting any traditional or folk remedies.


Common name: Plantain or Plantago 

Very interesting plant.

Native in Europe and Asia, but tend to follow our footsteps.

Grows where earth has been touched by man.

I use it for mouthwash, cold water infusions, salves, in sallads and in soups.

Research has showed that the active compounds in Plantago promotes:
1. Healing of wounds
2. Healing of ulcers
3. Strong immunsystem
4. Killing of bad bacteria
5. Antiviral properties


“Plantago contains a number of healing agents good for both internal and external ailments. The active chemical constituents are aucubin (an anti-microbial agent), allantoin (stimulates cellular growth and tissue regeneration), and mucilage (reduces pain and discomfort).* English herbal books have the writings of Plantains many benefits dating as far back to the 1500’s. It was such a popular medicine in its time even Shakespeare himself referenced Plantain.”
– Henry Holly, The Northwest Forager


The active compound aucubin gets destroyed hen heated, so cold infusions is the way here.

Plantain Water
Bildresultat för plantain tea

Pick a handful of Plantain Leaves.

Rinse them in water. Put them in a jar. Fill with cold/room temperature water. Let it rest in a cool place over the night.

Drink the water to get the benefits.

Plantain salve
Bildresultat för plantain salve
Follow guide here:


Bildresultat för plantago major benefits


Bildresultat för plantago majorBildresultat för plantago major mega foods


* Michigan University of Medicine –
* National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER)- Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India
* The nOrthwest Forager –

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