Ancestral Health

landscape photography of mountain hit by sun rays
“We are designed to be wild, and by living tamely we make ourselves sick and unhappy.” ~ John Ratey, MD & Richard Manning

Natural Engagement is a way of life where we seek to be more engaged in the sourcing and creation of what we need, from our local environment.


I believe it can help us become more grounded, connected and integrated in the ecosystem.

Natural Engagement is the opposite of outsourcing.
It’s a counter-movement to Hyper-consumerism.

It is a way to reconnect with our essence as creative, powerful beings.

And reclaiming the capacities of our bodies and minds. Use them or loose them…

Through Natural Engagement we can reclaim our life.

Making more, buying less.

Producing more, consuming less.

A naturally engaged life is a life where we find more space to make, produce, gather, grow, share, receive, love, sing, dance, move, think, build, connect, strengthen, engage, learn, ask, listen & heal. 

Natural Engagement is a timeless process of reclaiming our ancestral health & wellbeing, through a conscious, mutual relationship with our direct environment.

With love, 

“What we need to understand from this is that our happiness is greatly dependent on our biological well-being, and the conditions of that well-being have been laid down by the imperatives of survival, of evolution. All of this means we need to pay attention to the conditions of human evolution to ensure happiness. But the problem is, we don’t.”
~ John Ratey, MD & Richard Manning

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