Mitera Villages: Mother-Centered EcoVillages

The Eco Village | Electrolux Kitchen Design

Mitera Villages is a salutogenic approach to the future of co-living.

In a world of increasing stress on planetary boundaries and human wellbeing, we are challenged to question the ways in which we are living and producing.

Things are getting out of hand. We have not managed to take responsibility for the marvellous gift we have been given. The wellbeing of humanity and our home is at risk, and we know it.

Therefore, we are gathering the best practices in the areas of affordable eco-housing, mother care, permaculture food production and more, to create living conditions for humans to flourish – in HARMONY with nature.

We are designing multigenerational, Mother-centered, self-reliant villages connected to a web-platform where the best education is gathered to support long-term thriving of local food production, house care, holistic wellbeing, economy and much more.

The flourishing of Mothers determines the flourishing of children, which determines the flourishing of humanity as a whole.

The presence & wisdom of the elders is an essential part of a thriving community.
No one is to be left alone. Every part of our lives play an important part in the whole.


We are not dependent on a larger system to get our basic needs met: food, shelter, water, community.


Questions & Answers:

How will the village be financed?
Municipality support & private investors who buy the rights to have access to a guest house as a seasonal living place or as an insurance for potential difficult times in the larger system. (Buying in and monthly subscription)

What kinds of housing will there be?
Depending on the environment:
Earth Shelters, Eco-domes, Air Crete homes & Super Adobe Climate Designs.

Who will live in the village?
1. Village Builders: People who are experienced in transition work.
2. Elders: Elderly people who want to be part of a community
3. Skilled People who want to live seasonally in a eco-village
(Doctors, nurses, crafts-persons, builders get discount.)










* Cold Climate Housing:

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