Alternative Building Techniques for the Future of Affordable Housing

For a long time I thought building a home was something unattainable.

The biggest barriers for me has been these two beliefs:

a) “It’s too expensive: It cost so much so I would need to get really rich first…”

b) The process is just to complicated: “I have to be a professional, experienced builder to build a home…”

During the last few years, I have been enrolling a study in the University of… Youtube… to research how people all over the world have been empowered to build there own homes, for little money… and I mean little… This cob house was build for around 500dollars)

The idea is… no matter what your budget is, you’re not so far from a home as you think. Time and resourcefulness seems to be your greatest allies.

I have found a lot of alternative building techniques which burst my bubble of limitations. Because they are both affordable and understandable.

Here are some of the techniques I have found along my path. You can use this page to google and youtube for your own research, finding the home that fits you best. 🙂

Aircrete Home

Amazing Dome Home Built For Under $11,000! - YouTube

A-Frame House

A-frame house plans from Ayfraym cost $1,950 - Curbed

Geodesic Dome

Pacific Domes - Dwell Domes



Earthship Brighton - Wikipedia

Earthbag Home

nader khalili - Google Search | Earth bag homes, Cob house, Earthship

Kotthus – Torsten Grind, Järna

Han bygger rullande ”kottar” i Järna – följ med in i husvagnen | SVT Nyheter

Cob house

14 Characteristics of Cob Homes - This Cob House

Eco-Cocon (Straw Bale Pre-made Walls

Projects | EcoCocon

Earth Shelter (The Hobbit House)

The Rural Landowner's Guide to Earth Sheltered Homes

Straw Bale House

Blackheath Strawbale House - Sustainable House Day


Hempcrete Home

The house that hemp built | The Islander | Kingscote, SA

Informative video about hemplime:

Informative video about hempcrete:


Hemp Webinar

Alosha Lynov’s Integrated Design for Cold Climate Housing

Wautillarium - Biotecture Eco-System for cold climate

Seaweed House


Further Inspiration

34 dollar A -Frame guest house:

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