Mitera Villages – Vision

White Arkitekter + ReGen Villages Create First Circular, Self-Sufficient  Communities for Sweden | ArchDaily

Mitera Villages is a holistic village model, designed for human beings to thrive in harmony with nature.

This vision has been built upon the study of human needs and the study of what nature needs in order to thrive.

Human Needs = Human Rights:

* Clean air, water, food

* Connection, friendship

* Shelter

* Safety, love, progress

* Autonomy, growth, connection, service, meaning

Nature needs = Nature’s Rights.

* Non-polluted land, water and air

* Balance in ecosystem

Components of the Village Design:


Raising Capital:

* Long term thinking banks

* Long-term thinking Investors

* Village Builders

* Part time village dwellers

+ Village Bank run by economic association (Ekonomisk Förening)


The buildings are:

A. 10 eco homes for Village Builders – (upper limit 30 homes).

(there are different techniques and designs for these buildings. Check out my earlier post about Affordable Building to check them out. Which one do you prefer, why?)

B. 10 eco guest homes for part time Village Dwellers & renting out

(upper limit 30 guest homes)

C. Community Building/Greenhouse.

Uppgrenna Naturhus « TailorMade Arkitekter

Potential Uses of Community Building:

* Café with local food and products (which you can buy with discount with local a currency to enhance internal economy)

* Unplugged concerts

* Plastic Free bulk shop: where you can buy locally produced food and dry goods, such as pasta, nuts, seeds, and more storable foods.

* General event space for Yoga Classes, Workshops and so on.

* Lectures with inspiring speakers which will be recorded and released online to spread useful awareness and education

* Meetings for study groups which have been formed based on the 6 Zones of Care (which I will explain later in the text)

E. Workshop/Ateljé for repairing and creating.

brown wooden cabinet near white and black sewing machine

* Invite craftsmen and makers of all kinds to lead workshops and courses in craftsmanship

* Forging workshop

* Leather workshop

* Wood workshop

F. Simple lodgings for wwoofers and retreat guests with common kitchen.

Local Food Sovereignty .

* Local food production built on permaculture principles and practices.

* Integrated food forrest. Apples, hawthorn, pear, figs and much more.

* Pond for water storage

* Cultivating in greenhouse

* Aquaponics

* Rotation pasturing chickens and sheep

Culture Values & Strategies.

A. Continual Learning

B. Mother Centric Culture.


A. The strategy for continual learning is built around six zones of Care & Development, which are:

1. Mental & Emotional Flourishing

2. Physical Flourishing

3. Relational Flourishing

4. Home & Environment Flourishing

5. Food, Water, community space & energy flourishing

6. Outreach/Service/Ecotourism/Business flourishing.

Each zone of care has one Village Dweller who is head responsible for the stewardship of the zone and its development.
The head responsible is available to be a person of support and also gathers “think tanks” around the subject of the zone.

The focus for the head responsible in one zone is to increase and spread wisdom and skill in each zone. And ultimately increase the wellbeing of the community and the pulsating energy that emanates from it.

If the head responsible need financial support for developing their knowledge, they can apply for sponsorship from the “Village Bank”.

They can also organise study groups, which can be located in the community Building.

The purpose of having one who has the lead responsibility is that you know where to go whatever challenge you are dealing with. Relationships, body, mind, economy, food, shelter and so on.


B. Mother-Centered & Multigenerational.

Mitera Village plays an especially important role in the lives of Mothers, Children & Elders.

With the help from Innate Traditions ( we are designing holistic support principles for Mothers to feel truly honoured and supported before, during and after pregnancy. In other words, all the time.

Every mother has the right to a post partum doula the first 6 months, supported by the Village Bank.


What is needed to Build Mitera Village?

* Permaculture Designers: Landscape & Whole System Thinking

* Experienced Builders in Alternative Eco Building

* Collection of the best Off-grid Energy solutions: Bicycle run Wash-machine? See post: Off-Grid Solutions

* Visionaries and thinkers to support with insight & wisdom: Zach Bush MD, Bruce Lipton, Rachelle Seliga and more. Local, national & international)

* Primitive Technology: Pre-industrial expertise of producing and making useful things (Craft by Karlsson, Nasturliv and so on)

Thank you for reading.

Take care!

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