Wage Work & Money Exchange Vs. Holistic Engagement in the Acquiring of our Direct needs

Giving your use of time (Healing, Connection, Health, Autonomy) for direct needs such as nutrition, nature, connection, movement and more.

Giving your use of time (Sedentary? Monotonous? Healthy? Nurturing? Stress?) for money so you can change this money to get the things you need.

There are some very basic things every human being needs in order to live:

* Food
* Water
* Warmth
* Clean air

So, how are we getting these things?

* We go to the food store and swap our money for food

* We turn the tap on and once a month we get a check to pay

* We pay an electricity bill

* We buy, take a loan or pay a rent

So, using this strategy means we need to get some money. So we can pay for these things.

Many give more or less about 8 hours a day to get enough money to pay for these things.

Experience & value in employment: The experience of “working” varies enormously depending on what type of “work” you managed to find yourself in.
One basic quality of “employment” is that you need to keep working every month even if you don’t enjoy the work you do. And especially if you have loans and mortgage to pay off, it’s not so easy to just find another job. So the likelihood of having to stay with a job you’re not happy with is quiet high.

“According to the latest Gallup report, 51% of employees are disengaged in the workplace, while 13% are actively disengaged. Actively disengaged means feeling miserable at work and spreading negativity to their colleagues.”


What would happen if we learned to engage in the acquiring of these needs directly? Instead of going for the money – go for the need.

What would the quality of our experience be in the process of acquiring these resources?

Growing food in a garden, foraging wild edibles and hunting, fishing.
Experience & value in direct engagement: Movement, fresh air, friendship, autonomy, nature, vitamin D and much more.

Installing a well or filtering rain water with a Berkey Filter.

Experience & value in direct engagement:

Gathering wood from the forrest, shopping, piling and drying.

Experience & value in direct engagement:

Using natural building strategies with loval materials, clay, wood, stone.

Experience & value in direct engagement: Movement, strength, being outdoors, empowerment, community,

So, basically whats happening here is that we outsource the aquiring of our direct needs in exchange for swapping our time to acquiring a secondary need, monetary tokens.

I would say that the highest form of freedom and wellbeing would be to too get your needs met directly and at the same time preserve your integrity and your health in the process.

I believe this is possible if you start engaging in the direct acquiring of your needs. Using your human capacity of muscle, mind and soul power.

How can we get our physiological needs met without compromising the psychological needs of autonomy, growth and connection?

How can we get our physiological needs met without compromising the need for movement, sunlight, friendship, rest, time in nature, clean water and healthy environments?

My answers is: Look for your needs in nature. The process of acquiring your needs in the “old ways”, gives you the possibility of experiencing more movement, sunlight, friendship, time with family, rest, time in nature and healthy environments without you having to think about it.

If you choose the way of total wage-time exchange and still want to meet these needs and get a healthy lifestyle, you will probably need to make time for exercise, time in nature, sunlight, friendship on your time off. And my question to you is: Being honest with yourself, how is that working for you?

With love,

Ps. Here are some people who are living the life of holistic engagement:


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