Investing in Physical Assets – List

In recent months I have been listening to a large variety of economists on the subject of our current economy.

The conclusion they all come to is: A big crash is coming. Money will become worthless.

How can we prepare for this time?

If food and energy gets unbearably expensive then we need to find ways to look out for our own needs in a more direct way: food, warmth, energy.

Food bridge:
* Invest in storable food which will last you for 1 year. (remember to buy some more “fun food” which will be only for the weekends)
* During this year you will have time and energy to cultivate your garden, foraging, storing, canning and connecting with other producers.
* This year you will need to be very focused on securing your local food system

* Good saws (+ extra blades) and axes for firewood work (big splitting axe and small axe for start wood)
* Good knives & sharpening stones for knives and axes
* Essential tools for gardening: spade,
* Tools & materials for manual building: hammer, nails, roofing felt, chicken wire,
* Tools for sewing, repairing clothes and crafting with leather and other fabrics. (needles, strong threads, leather work tools)
* Wheel barrows + repair kits for tires
* Scythe for field work
* SEEDS! A lot of organic seeds – especially for trees and perennials.

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