How can we live focused & truly fulfilling lives in this age of dramatic distraction & anti-social media? 

Hi! I’m Daniel, and answering this question has become my singular mission.

Here, I’ll share my journey from the fearful land of “technological isolation” to the land of living in your purpose & cultivating genuine connections (IRL).

Join me on the journey of Authentic Success!

I wish you deep focus & lasting fulfilment.

With love,
Daniel Galovan

Favourite Resources: 
* Education: Audible.com
* Education: Optimize.me
* Supplements: Greatlife.se


* Finding Direction & your path in life. (Who do you want to become? What do you want to do?)

* Cultivating Authenticity. (What do you truly care about? What is a good person to you?)

* Breaking free from a limited identity. (Know you can grow & change.)

* Embracing the need for Togetherness; living life with other people. (Not starving yourself of a sense of connection)

* Cultivating Genuine Connections with family, friends & mentors. (No man is an island)

* Understanding the basics of Holistic Health & Wellbeing: PERMA. (Positive emotions, Engagement, Positive Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment) + Physiological Health. (Diet, Exercise, Rest)

* Embracing Simplicity/Minimalism/Essentialism as a way to focus on what truly matters in your life. (What are the goals, people, things that truly matter to you? How can you become more focused & selective in the investments of your most precious resources: attention, energy, time)

* Using social media as a conscious tool to create genuine connections & in person meetings instead of a way of staying in our comfort zones, only half fulfilled & fairly isolated, comparing ourselves to the highlights of the lives of our friends, acquaintances & role models.

* Understanding the Healing Qualities of Being in Nature. (Eco-therapy)

* Understanding the Basic Human Needs (BSH) & Human Tendencies (HT’s). (The monkey brain & the hierarchy of needs + the need for meaning, love, connection, self-expression)

* Enjoying Life in a smart & responsible way. (cultivating gratitude, perspective, Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK’s), Adding value to other peoples’ lives, having fun)