Hi, I’m Daniel Galovan.

I love helping people understand who they are… truly magnificent beings with gifts & unbelievable potential within, waiting to be expressed.

I love learning about how the mind, body and soul can flourish naturally.

Some subjects I’ve come to focus on lately is the impact a) mindfulness & b) self-trust, has on our lives.

The opposites, which is a) constantly trying to flee from every moment, unsatisfied & thinking about the next thing & b) not being able to trust yourself fully…  lead to a lot of internal stress, which can be very damaging in the long run, making relationships and health suffer.

What do I mean with mindfulness?

—> Mindfulness: Being able to enjoy & live in the present moment, observing without judgement.

What do I mean with self-trust?

—> Self-Trust: Being able to trust yourself that you will do what you say you will do. (also what you say to yourself)

I believe, if we practice these two in every way we can, a lot of other problems will resolve themselves naturally. 🙂 

Also… I might write some about Stoic Philosophy, Growth Mindset, Vulnerability, Minimalism & other ideas I’ve found helpful on my journey. We’ll see 🙂


With love,
Daniel Galovan